Crocodile Monitor

Did you know that the crocodile monitor is thought to be the longest lizard in the world?

Crocodile Monitor

Varanus salvadorii

Did you know that the crocodile monitor is thought to be the longest lizard in the world? Its tail is twice as long as its head and body! It is usually black and white with yellow and or green specks and has folds around its throat. 

These monitors are arboreal and spend most of their time in trees. While they are thought to be a calm lizard, they do have a very powerful tail that can cause damage if the animal is threatened. They use their tail like a whip to deter predators.

The name crocodile monitor comes from these lizards’ extremely sharp teeth and powerful jaws, which are used for taking down many different prey items but also as a very effective defense against predators.



Carrion and other small reptiles, mammals and bird eggs 

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