Siamangs move through the forest via brachiation. Their extra-long arms—with an arm span of almost 5 feet—give them the ability to cover up to 10 feet in a single swing!


Yes, they are loud.  They seem to revel in and enjoy their loudness.  Their throat sac inflates and the sound that comes out is unexpected and strong!  Like all gibbons, their call can be heard two miles away!  In fact, the siamang is the loudest of all gibbons.  In the morning, an adult female will begin hooting, and soon after, the rest of her group will join in. This is used to warn other siamang groups of their territory. Paired siamangs will also partake in “duets,” with the male screaming booms and the female producing barks.  Not an animal you’d want a neighbor to own.

Male and female siamangs share the duty of raising babies. For the first year of the offspring’s life, the mother will provide most of the care. During the second year, when the baby is weaned, the father will begin to take over some, if not all, responsibilities.
Their diet consists predominantly of leaves and fruits, but they will also eat flowers, buds, and insects.

Siamangs move through the forest via brachiation. Their arm span of almost five feet gives them the ability to cover up to ten feet in a single swing. Our Zoo Miami siamangs are fun to watch as they swing from tree to tree and never fall! 

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