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With a Zoo as large and interactive as ours, there is always more to see and more to learn. Becoming a Zoo Miami Member means you will have unlimited visits to take it all in – for a whole year! That’s 365 days of adventure, at an unbeatable price.

Families come in all different sizes, which is why we offer several Membership packages for you to choose from. Find the level that works best for your household, and click on the "Get Your Membership Today" button above.

Individual: Perfect for the lone wolf that loves visiting the Zoo for nature, exercise or photography. This package is valid for any one person, 18 years or older.

Dual: Party of two? This Membership is perfect for couples, or even single-parent households. With our option of having an “unnamed guest”, it’s also flexible for a frequent visitor that may have a different guest each visit.

Family: For those full households with multiple cubs running around, this Membership covers 2 adults and up to 4 children or grandchildren in the same household.

Add a Guest Option: The more the merrier. When purchasing a Dual or Family Membership, you have an option of adding up to 4 extra guests for just $35 each. This option is great for bringing in visiting family or friends.

Add Children: You may add a 5th or 6th child to your Family Membership for $25 each.

Senior Discounts: With a valid ID, Members age 65 and older may receive a $5 discount on the Individual or Dual Memberships.

As a Member, you get fast, free admission every day, as soon as you join. Enjoy tons of other benefits too, like exclusive events and deals throughout the year, discounts inside the Zoo and more! Plus, your Membership helps support our mission in conservation and education, making your Zoo better for you.

One of the perks of being a Zoo Miami Member is that you get special treatment at other attractions too. Here is a list of zoos, aquariums and parks across the country where your Membership can save you as much as 50% off admission.

View Reciprocal Attractions List Here

For information on becoming a Member, please contact Membership Services at (305) 255-5551 or or visiting ticket booths.


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If I bought tickets to visit Zoo Miami, can I get a credit for a Membership?

Yes - If you have never been a Zoo Miami Member, and purchased general admission tickets to Zoo Miami, you may be eligible for an upgrade to a Membership. Tickets must have been purchased within 14 days, and can be credited toward a Membership. For more information, click on the “Upgrade Day Pass” tab above, or call Member Services.

How can I purchase Membership?

  • Visit
  • Call 305-255-5551 and ask for Member Services during regular operating hours (9am-5pm)
  • At Zoo Miami: Visit the Member Services window at the front entrance


Is parking free?

Yes! Parking is free.

What benefits are included with my Zoo Membership?

The Membership provides you with 12 months of free admission from the date of purchase.  Admission is valid during general operating hours and there are no blackout dates. In addition, Members get various discounts, event and exhibit previews, special access or pre-sales and various other benefits. For a current list of benefits, see the Benefits & Policies tab above. 

Do I get any discounts on food, drinks, and programs?

Yes, as a Zoo Member, you are entitled to many different discounts, including concessions, Safari Cycle rentals, and more.


Will I receive free admission or discounts for special events at Zoo Miami?

Your Membership includes free express entry to events such as Egg Safari, Party 4 the Planet, and Zoo Boo. Some special events, particularly evening events, are not included. However, Members may qualify for discounts or pre-sales depending on the event.

I’m a Member and I arrived at the zoo at 4:02 can I still get in?

Last admission to Zoo Miami is at 4 PM for all visitors.

I just purchased a Membership but I found a coupon. Can I get a credit?

Coupons must be present at time of purchase. Discounts will not be given retroactive to a purchase. However, you can utilize coupons for a renewal if you wish to add another discounted year to your current Memberhsip term.

Can I use my Membership the same day I purchase it?

YES! When you purchase your Membership online or in person, you will automatically receive a temporary pass that will allow you in to the park until your full packet is mailed to you.

When will I receive my Membership?

Typical processing time is 2-3 weeks and we will send you an email to confirm your information and address in advance of mailing. During October/November and March/April, processing may take 4-6 weeks because of high traffic. If you have paid for your pass, and haven’t received it yet, you can still enter the zoo as a Member by showing your Temporary Pass.

What are buddy passes?

Buddy passes are one of the extra perks you receive as a Member. They are good for $4 OFF up to six guest admission tickets, per visit. Active and named Member must be present to receive this discount. Simply show you Membership ID at the ticket booth before purchasing daily admission tickets.

My cards were lost/damaged/ stolen. How can I replace them?

You may have your cards reprinted at the Member Service cart for a $5 fee. Reprints can be requested on your next visit or by calling Member Services. Cards will be made available for pick-up or mailing upon payment of re-print fee.

I forgot to bring my Membership card; can I still visit the zoo for free?

Absolutely!  As a courtesy and to avoid extra charges to Members, we do offer a one-time Day Pass. You may stop at Member Services and present your photo ID to obtain it. We will log the first Day Pass on your record.  A second request for a day pass will incur the $5 reprint fee for new cards.

Why do I have to show a photo I.D. every time I come to the Zoo?

To ensure appropriate use of Member benefits and privileges, we ask for a valid photo ID. We also want to protect our Members should their cards be lost or stolen. Children are not required to present photo ID. We appreciate your understanding.

Why do I need to have an additional Membership card present to gain admission for my children and/or guest?

Certain Membership levels or categories assign a card specifically for the number of children or unnamed guests permitted. This card is utilized to prevent misuse of the Membership and ensure that the correct amount of children and unnamed guests are given entry to the zoo during your visit.

Can my friends or family members not listed use my Membership if I am not going?

Membership cards are non- transferable. Only the persons named on the Membership cards may enter the zoo using those cards. All named Members will be required to show a valid photo ID along with their cards in order to gain admission.


How does the unnamed guest work?

Dual and Family Memberships offer the option for a second named member or an unnamed guest. The benefit of the unnamed guest option provides the named members(s) the benefit of bringing any guest with you each time you visit the zoo. Unnamed guests can only enter when accompanied by a named member(s) in that household. On Dual and Family levels, you can purchase up to four additional guests for $25 each and choose to name them or leave them unnamed.

Can I name my child’s cousins & friends on my Family Membership?

The Membership offers benefits to Members based on unique households. Therefore, family or children that are not immediate relatives living within the same house at the same address cannot be included. The only option available is the purchase of up to 4 guest spots at $25 each to bring guests when you visit. We encourage you to have your friends & relatives become Members as well to enjoy the zoo 365 days a year.

Can I purchase a Family Membership and list my grandchildren, even if they do not live with us?

Yes! Grandchildren are considered part of your immediate family and are our only exception to our policy that allows members to list children not living within the same household. Remember, we only allow up to 6 children listed on a Membership and all children must be between the ages of 3 – 17.

My spouse is coming to the zoo with the children but is not listed on the Membership. Can he/she use my Member ID to get in?

Dual and Family Memberships offer the option for a second named member or an unnamed guest. If the spouse is not named, he/she is not a Member. Cards are non transferrable and only those named on the Membership are entitled to entry and other benefits. You may add your spouse for $25 on Dual or Family level any time during your Membership term. Please remember children and unnamed guests must be accompanied by a named member on the Membership in order to receive free admission.

Can my nanny/babysitter bring my child to the park?

In order for a nanny/babysitter to use the Membership to bring your children, they must be a named Member. You can add them to Dual or Family levels for $25 anytime during your Membership cycle. Otherwise, they must pay for admission for themselves and your children. Children must always be accompanied by a named Member in order to receive free admission.

I have a Family Membership and my teenage child is coming to the zoo alone. Can he/she get in without me/ can my children use the Membership without me being present?

Sorry, children under 18 and unnamed guests MUST be accompanied by a named adult Member in order to gain admission.

My children are coming on a field trip…..

The Membership cannot be used to replace the cost for a child or adult attending as part of an organized field trip. These field trips are booked through Group Sales and group tickets must be fully accounted for. If a parent is attending the zoo on the same day as their child’s field trip, they must have permission from the group organizer to join during the zoo walkway visitation, but may not be allowed to participate in field trip activities such as tram rides, monorail, and others. Additional fees may apply and should be handled with in advance of a field trip by contacting the field trip organizer to purchase additional tickets.

My child is about to turn 18

For the Family Membership, children are counted from age 3 through 17. At 18, children are automatically removed from the Membership. To continue coverage of your 18+ child, you may add them as an additional guest for $25.

I have already purchased my Membership; can I switch out a named or unnamed person for another individual?

You may not make changes to named adults or unnamed guests listed during the year. Changes to any named adult or unnamed guests will only be allowed in the case of death, marriage, or divorce at the request of the primary account holder in writing.  You may add additional guests to your Membership for $25 each at any time throughout your term.

I have not used my Membership in a few months. Can I get an extension for the time I didn’t use it?

While we wish Members visited weekly, we cannot assign credit for those who have not used their Membership. Even if you have lost or have not yet received your cards, you are always able to visit the Zoo by checking with Member Services for a Temporary Pass or re-print.

I am going out of town can I freeze my account?

Unfortunately, our system is unable to place temporary freezes or holds on accounts.

Why does my discount at Safari cycles only work M-F?

Due to high demand for Safari Cycles during weekends and holidays, discounts are not available on these days. Occasionally, we do offer specials during the year. Be on the lookout for these special offers in your monthly e-newsletters.

Is there a newsletter for Members?

Yes. We send quarterly digital newsletters by email. If you have not received any, please contact Member Services at 305-255-5551.

Do Zoo Miami Members receive free or discounted admission to other zoos and aquariums in the U.S.? 

Yes, you will receive discounted admission at over 140 zoos nationwide. For a full listing please see our reciprocal list. Please call visiting attraction ahead of traveling to ensure that benefits are still active.

View Reciprocal Attractions List Here


I have recently moved / have a new email address. How do I update my record?

Please send an email to MBR@ZOOMIAMI.ORG with your full name, Member Number and new contact information.