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Bring the Zoo to You!

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Tab One
Outreach Programs

Our outreach programs are adapted to any grade level and audience. Programs may vary depending on ambassador animal availability. Please allow 3 weeks advance notice and note that additional travel fees may apply.

Contact to schedule or discuss a custom program.

  Zoo to You Zoo Careers
Session Length 45 minutes 1 hour
# Animals 6 2
Max Size 60 people  
Price $250+$100 additional $100+$50 additional


Everglades Expedition

The Everglades is a local treasure that holds amazing biodiversity and provides South Florida with our water. Explore Everglades wildlife, how their ecosystems work, and how you can help current conservation issues!

Sensational Senses

Learn how animals detect the world around them. What sensational senses do they have that allow them to find shelter, food and water?  This interactive program will reinforce the five senses children are discovering as they grow.

Creature Feature

This interactive program focuses on fascinating creatures found around the world. Students will discover how featured animals have amazing specializations for survival in their natural habitats.

Vanishing Wildlife

"Extinction" is forever. "Endangered" means they still have a chance. Become aware of the many causes of endangerment to species and what you can do to help!

Contact or 305-255-5551 for more information.