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After observing and learning about so many different exotic animals at the zoo, sometimes kids get inspired to act a little wild too! Here at Zoo Miami, there are several playground areas designed for kids to create their own adventures. At Playworld Playground’s Jungle Journey area, kids can tap into their inner monkey at the jungle gym, or let their imaginations take them on a safari, as they escape life-size gorilla and hippo figures. After their jungle journey is done, they can hop on over to the Ocean Voyage playground, a water-themed area where kids can get soaking wet playing with spouting fountains, overflowing buckets and a whale tail waterfall.

At Critter Connection, kids can run around the playground or climb atop animal sculptures as parents supervise from the Carousel Cafe. For more educational fun, kids can check out the Wings of Asia Aviary entry plaza, where they will find a huge mock excavation pit containing a 40-foot long dinosaur skeleton. This plaza provides interesting opportunities for kids to learn about dinosaurs, birds and the connection between the two. Amazon and Beyond also features several small play areas for kids, including Fiesta Fountain, a water-play area in the Village Plaza. Smaller playgrounds can also be found in each forest, where kids can climb on top of their favorite wild animals and bounce around the spongy floors. The entry plaza in front of Dr. Wilde’s World also features large animals like an elephant, crocodile, and rhino for kids to climb and play.


If you're visiting the zoo on a hot Miami day, and you're looking for some relief, or if you just love to splash around in water, Zoo Miami has got you covered! Our several water-play areas located around the zoo are guaranteed to cool you down during your adventure. The biggest and best in wet fun is the Ocean Voyage play area of Playworld Playground, where kids can get soaking wet as they splash around a whale tail waterfall spouting fountains and overflowing buckets of water. Parents get a break to cool down too, as they supervise from shaded seating. Kids can also have a blast playing in the Fiesta Fountain at the Amazon & Beyond Village Plaza, where water shoots up from the ground to drench them! Smaller water-play areas include a water-spouting mushroom by the hyena exhibit and a water-shooting play area right in front of the Children's Zoo. Kids and adults alike can also enjoy the many refreshing, cool misting stations that are located throughout the zoo.





One of Zoo Miami's latest and greatest new attractions, Playworld Playground, is guaranteed to bring a big splash of fun to your kids' zoo adventure. This state-of-the-art 1.5-acre playground features two play areas, Jungle Journey and Ocean Voyage, made just for kids ages 12 and under. In the Jungle Journey playground, kids have 11 play features to choose from. Their imaginations may take them on a wild adventure as they bounce around the spongy floor. If they're not swinging around the jungle gym, they could be escaping life-size gorilla and hippo figures or making their way through a wobbly bridge.

After their epic jungle escapade, kids can cool down in the Ocean Voyage playground, where spouting and overflowing buckets of water are sure to get them soaked! This water-themed play area has 28 features that make it very hard to stay dry, including water-shooting cannons, a whale tail waterfall and touch-activated rods that spray more water. Who knows what kind of wild adventures your young ones will embark on in these "wet" and "dry" playgrounds? With so many different features, the fun is endless! Parents can supervise in comfortable shaded seating as their kids splash or swing around in Playworld Playground.




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