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Bat Detections

Bat Detections

We rely on the public for leads on possible Florida bonneted bat locations across Miami-Dade County. The vast majority of these endangered bats are living in people's homes and businesses because most of their natural roosts have been destroyed through the years. They are very quiet and live in small colonies. Most people would never know that they are sharing a space with one of the rarest mammals in North America. But, Florida bonneted bats can be seen leaving their roosts soon after dusk and have a distinctive long wingspan while also being our largest species of bat in Florida. Besides, actually seeing them, Florida bonneted bats have a call that is detectable to human ears. Especially, if you are female and/or below the age of 40. You could hear these special bats calling at night in your area just by hearing their call at night. 

You don't need to depend on your sight or hearing to detect Florida bonneted bats. New technology can transform your smartphone or tablet into a bat detector! The Echo Meter Touch is a low cost ultrasonic microphone that you can plug into your device, download the free app, and monitor your home or other areas in the city for the Florida bonneted bat. Recordings can be saved to your phone and/or sent via email for confirmation. 

If you have a sighting or recording, you can report it to us via our Bat Lab website that is a partnership with Zoo Miami, Bat Conservation International and Florida Power and Light. 

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