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Florida Bonneted Bat Program Updates

Below is the latest on our Florida Bonneted Bat program. To find out more about the species and the whole program click here: Our Endangered Neighbor: The Florida Bonneted Bat


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House Swap

We had some bat houses that were deteriorating and in need of replacement. These bat houses had small chambers, were designed to attract Brazilian free-tailed and evening bats, but had never become occupied. A local troop of Boy Scouts had made some replacement boxes for us and we went to take down the old boxes and install the new ones yesterday morning. To our surprise, when double checking o... Read More
Posted by Frank Ridgley at 30 December 2021

Newborn pup!

Your browser doesn't support video. Please download the file: video/mp4 We got a wonderfull surprize today when doing our monthly checks of artificial roosts around Miami-Dade County. WHen we used our camera to peak into one of the boxes we didn't understand what we were seeing at first but then soon realized there was a newborn pup on its mom's back. And when we say newborn, we ... Read More
Posted by Frank Ridgley at 23 September 2021

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