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Florida Bonneted Bat Program Updates

Below is the latest on our Florida Bonneted Bat program. To find out more about the species and the whole program click here: Our Endangered Neighbor: The Florida Bonneted Bat


Artificial Snag Proves to be Attractive to Florida Bonneted Bats

About a year ago we took a slash pine log, and with the help of our horticulture department, we gave our best try at making a cavity in the log that is similar to what a red-cockaded woodpecker would have made. The Florida bonneted bat seems to have a high association with this imperiled woodpecker species' tree cavities in natural areas where they coexist. The red-cockaded woodpecker is no longer found in Miami- County since we have lost all of our old growth slash pine stands. So, we made this artificial cavity in this log and placed it on the end of a long aluminum pole to create an "artificial snag." A snag is a term for a dead tree that is still standing. We put instruments inside the log's cavity to record temperature and humidty readings throughout the year's weather extremes but we kept the entrance blocked off with mesh to get baseline readings. We want to know how this somewhat "natural" roosts' environmental conditions would compare to our artificial box designs. After we gathered our year's worth of data, we removed the mesh from the entrance. Within a couple months, we now have three Florida bonneted bats that decided to move into the snag!
Posted by Frank Ridgley at 13:19
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