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Gopher Tortoise Ecology Program Updates

Below is the latest on our Gopher Tortoise Ecology in Pine Rockland program. To find out more about the species and the whole program click here: Gopher Tortoise Ecology in Pine Rockland Program


Category: burrow

New research by Zoo Miami studies Miami's last endangered gopher tortoises

Gopher Tortoises are a threatened species that lives throughout pine forests of Florida, where they dig deep burrows to use as their homes. The leading threat to gopher tortoises in Florida is human expansion of cities and suburbs, which displace the tortoises and destroy the burrows they create. Given the extent of urbanization in Miami, it's not a surprise that the tortoises are rare here. A new study led by Zoo Miami's Conservation and Research Department focuses on the last popul... Read More
Posted by Frank Ridgley at 27 January 2022

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