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Imperiled Butterflies of South Florida Program Updates

Below is the latest on our Imperiled Butterflies of South Florida program. To find out more about the program, the species and the Butterfly Bunker laboratory click here: Imperiled Butterflies of South Florida

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Monarchs and South Florida, Learn About the Do's and Don'ts

People love Monarch Butterflies and all of the recent press about their decline in some regions has raised a lot of awareness and people wanting to take action. But, did you know the Monarch situation in South Florida is much different than the rest of North America and you can do more harm than good if you don't understand the situation? Learn more about what is appropriate to do to help M... Read More
Posted by Frank Ridgley at 08 March 2022

Giving Some Atalas a New Home

Today, Butterfly Specialist, Tiffany Moore, rescued a bunch of imperiled atala hairstreak butterflies in various life stages from a property that was getting ready to spray their host plant, coontie, with pesticides. She then prepared around 100 pupae to become part of our partnership program with Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden's Connect to Protect program. Homeowners that have met the m... Read More
Posted by Frank Ridgley at 14 October 2021

My Poop Throne

Have you ever seen a caterpillar sit upon a throne of poop? The ruddy daggerwing does! Young larvae of this species will use its silk to bind its frass (butterfly poop) into a chain for perching. Here, the larvae will rest when it is not eating. Only the first couple of instars will perch while older instars rest on the leaves. Read More
Posted by Frank Ridgley at 28 May 2021

Find Me If You Can

A caterpillar is hidden in this photo, can you find it? Look carefully! This is the martial scrub hairstreak, Strymon martialis. The host plant pictured here is the Florida trema (Trema micrantha) but they also use buttonwood (Conocarpus erectus) and bay cedar (Suriana maritima). This is a small butterfly that looks similar to the federally endangered Bartram’s scrub hairstreak (Strymon a... Read More
Posted by Frank Ridgley at 29 March 2021

If you build it, they will come!

We developed a butterfly garden guide for residents in Miami-Dade County! All of the plants listed are native to South Florida. They can either function as a host or nectar plant, and sometimes both! A host plant is considered to be the plant species that the larvae of the butterflies consume. For example, a monarch caterpillar can consume the leaves of its host plant, the milkweed. Adult monar... Read More
Posted by Frank Ridgley at 23 August 2020

The Circle of Life

While conducting Miami tiger beetle surveys in South Florida with a preserve manager, we encountered a federally endangered Bartram’s hairstreak butterfly! The sole host plant for this rare species is the pineland croton. In this photo, a female is laying an egg near the flower of this small croton. Encounters like this are surprising and very exciting! As conservation scientists, we... Read More
Posted by Frank Ridgley at 06 June 2020

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