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Imperiled Butterflies of South Florida Program Updates

Below is the latest on our Imperiled Butterflies of South Florida program. To find out more about the program, the species and the Butterfly Bunker laboratory click here: Imperiled Butterflies of South Florida

Monarchs and South Florida, Learn About the Do's and Don'ts

People love Monarch Butterflies and all of the recent press about their decline in some regions has raised a lot of awareness and people wanting to take action. But, did you know the Monarch situation in South Florida is much different than the rest of North America and you can do more harm than good if you don't understand the situation? Learn more about what is appropriate to do to help Monarchs and other imperiled butterflies in South Florida by watching this discussion with Tiffany Moore, Butterfly Specialist at Zoo Miami, and Dr. Andy Davis, Research Scientist at the University of Georgia. 


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Posted by Frank Ridgley at 12:00
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