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This morning, “N’dari, Zoo Miami’s 10 month old Sumatran tiger cub, was immobilized so that she could receive a thorough examination while also enabling the Animal Health team to get a closer look at some small areas of hair loss that had become visible during recent visual exams from a distance.

The team welcomed the assistance of Dr. Melanie Hnot, a veterinary dermatologist from VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital who has volunteered her services on several skin related cases at the zoo.  Dr. Hnot performed a series of tests that will hopefully provide more information related to the hair loss and minor skin lesions that may be associated with allergies or other skin diseases.

As part of standard procedure when immobilizing an animal, the team uses the opportunity to perform a thorough exam as part of, and in accordance with, a carefully managed preventative medicine program.  That included taking a series of radiographs, collecting blood and performing an ultrasound exam as well as general eye and dental exams.

Weighing in at just over 81 pounds, N’dari, short of the minor skin issues and some dental anomalies, appeared to be in generally good health.  However, results from several tests administered today will provide the team with more definitive and detailed information from which they can make more accurate conclusions.

N’dari has since recovered well from the procedures and is back at her holding area where she will remain with her mother Leeloo and is scheduled to be back on her habitat this weekend. 

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