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Zoo Miami is happy to announce the births of three Nyala antelopes, all born within a 5 day window!  Two males, born on May 24th and May 26th, and one female, born on May 28th.  All the calves are doing well and can now be seen on the Nyala habitat with the rest of the herd.

Nyala are medium sized antelopes that are commonly found in the woodlands and thickets of Southern Africa, usually near water.  Males can reach 250 pounds and have a distinctly different appearance than females with long spiraling horns, a dark gray coat, and a tall mane of hair that runs along the top of their back and under their chin and neck.  Females rarely exceed 150 pounds, do not have any horns or manes, and have a chestnut red coloration.  Both sexes have a series of vertical white stripes along their flanks.

With a lifespan of approximately 16-19 years, their main predators are lions, leopards, hyenas and painted dogs.  When predators are spotted, they will stomp their feet and emit a type of bark as an alarm call.  They are generally a social antelope found in herds numbering as many as 30 individuals, comprised of mostly females and calves with a dominant male.  

The gestation period is approximately 7 months followed by the birth of what is usually a single calf, though twins have been documented.  Their herbivorous diet consists of a variety of leaves, twigs, bark, fruits, flowers and fine grass

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