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In an abundance of caution, Zoo Miami will be closed to the public on Tuesday, September 27th, Wednesday, September 28th and Thursday, September 29th so that staff can concentrate on ensuring that the zoo and all of its residents are properly prepared should Hurricane Ian produce any significant wind and/or rain in our area.

Though Miami is presently not within the cone of concern with regard the hurricane itself, significant wind and rain is possible from outer bands that could result in damage and interruption in services.  Therefore, zoo staff will spend Tuesday storing any objects that may become airborne or vulnerable in strong winds as well as ensuring that all equipment (vehicles, generators, maintenance tools, etc.) are fueled and tested.  Animals will be secured in their evening holding areas early on Tuesday with their diets and fresh water in preparation for what likely will be an extended period of what will hopefully only be inclement weather but ready for what may be worse.

Wednesday will be reserved for staff to assess any damage and evaluate flooding concerns that may restrict certain animals from being given access to their public habitats due to water levels in the surrounding moats. 

Assuming the assessments do not reveal any significant damage or flooding issues, Zoo Miami is expected to open as normal on Thursday, September 29th.

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