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It is with profound sadness that Zoo Miami announces that “Kumang,” a 44 year-old Bornean Orangutan, died yesterday during recovery from anesthesia following a dental procedure.  The 140 lb. great ape was anesthetized yesterday morning to have two teeth extracted which were damaged and causing an infection in her gums.  The anesthesia, examination, and dental care went as planned and was uneventful.  During the entire time she was under anesthesia, Kumang was closely monitored by the team of Zoo Miami veterinarians and veterinary technicians, as well as a human cardiologist.  Her vitals remained stable and the extractions were performed without complications.  Following the procedure, she was returned to her enclosure to recover.

She proceeded to recover, occasionally emitting a mild cough which is not unusual for an animal that has been intubated for anesthesia.  She was observed opening her eyes, sitting up normally on her own, and was able to climb to her platform bed.  She then, for reasons yet unknown, went into a recumbent position and stopped breathing.  The Animal Health team performed several emergency procedures, including CPR, in efforts to resuscitate Kumang, but sadly, they were not successful.  A thorough necropsy will be performed today to hopefully determine the cause of death.

We at Zoo Miami are heartbroken over this terrible loss and our deepest condolences go out to the staff that provided Kumang with such great care over the years.  She leaves behind an 8 year-old daughter named Bella, who continues to reside at Zoo Miami.

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