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Animal Hospital Improvements

Zoo Miami's Animal Hospital Improvements!

Zoo Miami, consistently rated one of America’s top ten zoos, will build a new world-class animal hospital that will lead to more outstanding care for one of the most impressive collections of wildlife ambassadors from around the world. Zoo Miami’s hospital, built in 1986, contains surgical and exam rooms, radiology, a research laboratory, indoor and outdoor recovery rooms, and offices.
A remarkable in-house veterinary team and external specialists graciously offer their skills and time pro-bono, however, the current facility has reached a threshold where facilities and equipment are inadequate to meet the ever-growing demands placed upon them. The new animal hospital construction will have three phases as it is important to maintain current use.

Phase I – Treatment Wing Addition (4,600 SF) and Interior improvements of the existing building (1,700 SF)
Phase II – Animal Holding Area Construction (9,650 SF)
Phase III – Renovation and expansion of Laboratory and Offices (5,250 SF)


VETERINARIAN EXPERTISE: Veterinarians at Zoo Miami are Category II federally accredited, have in-depth species and disease knowledge, and serve as a valuable resource to state and federal agencies. The veterinary team is comprised of four vets, two vet technicians, a hospital manager and four hospital zookeepers who manage the preventative and urgent care for nearly 3,500 animals, many of them endangered.

EDUCATION: The Zoo’s Animal Health department provides programs for veterinary students, undergraduates, and post-graduate students.

COLLABORATING AGENCIES & PARTNERS: Zoo Miami works in cooperation with Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission (FWC) as a refuge to care for native species hurt in the wild. The hospital also serves as a safe haven for particularly vulnerable avian and other species during severe storms and hurricanes.

For further information and to offer your support, contact Ron Stayton, Chief Development Officer, Zoo Miami Foundation, at (305) 255-5551 or

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