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Zoo Rules

  • Rule Number One:  ENJOY YOUR VISIT!:  The Zoo is a wonderful place to explore, learn, and relax.  Our few rules help ensure an enjoyable and safe experience. 

  • Be kind to the animals.  If you harass or do something intentionally to harm an animal you will be escorted out of the zoo. 

  • Straws, balloons, skateboards, skates, bicycles, radios, glass containers, fireworks, balls, and frisbees are not permitted. 

  • Sorry, no pets (service animals are permitted). 

  • No distribution of printed literature of any kind in or at the zoo. 

  • Feeding animals is prohibited in all areas of the zoo unless specifically stated (camel, rhino, giraffe).  Our animals have scientifically formulated diets to ensure their health and well-being.  You may feed animals in those areas where feed is on sale from the zoo, but only and exclusively with the feed provided by the zoo. 

  • For your safety and to help preserve our valuable plant and tree collection, please stay on the pathways.  Do not pick any plants or leaves. 

  • Speak nicely.  Vulgar, profane or disrespectful language is not allowed. 

  • Sorry, food and drinks cannot be brought into the Zoo.  Picnic tables outside the entrance are available for your use.

  • For the safety and comfort of our guests and animals, smoking is only permitted in designated areas.  These designated areas are conveniently located throughout the Zoo and are clearly marked.

  • Miami-Dade Parks and Open Spaces Rules and Regulations.

  • Please note that visitors to Zoo Miami may be photographed or video-taped during their visit.  Their likeness may be used for marketing, advertising or public relations purposes without compensation.

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